Beginners Family

Family for Beginners (A2)👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

My mum, My dad, My brother, My sister

Hi! I live in Gartmore, UK. Where do you live? Do you live in Abancay? Do you live in Peru?

My name is Anna. What’s your name?

I have a brother. My brother’s name is John. He’s 33 and he lives in London, UK.

Do you have brothers and sisters? How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I live with my mum here in Scotland. Who do you live with?

Nice to “meet” you on my blog!

Querido lector, para practicar tu inglés, sería genial si me dejas un comentario describiendo tu familia en inglés. Yo te ayudaré contestando con otro comentario en esta misma página, y con mucha gentileza.

10 replies on “Family for Beginners (A2)👨‍👩‍👧‍👦”

Hi my name is Rafael
I am from Colombia And I am married.
My Wife is Claudia, she is nurse. I have 2 songs And 2 daugther. They are mayores of age.

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Hi Rafael, thank you very much for your comment and for reading my blog. Your English is very good, well done! 🏆 For your reference, here is a corrected version. I hope that it helps your studies! 🙂

Hi my name is Rafael. I am from Colombia and I am married. My wife is Claudia, she is a nurse. I have two sons and two daughters. They are adults.

Thank you again! 😊


Hi, my name is Gustavo.
I’m from La Paz Bolivia. I am 28 years old, and I’m single.
I live with my mum, my dad and my two brothers.
My brother’s name is Ian, and he’s 22.
And my other brother’s name is Carlos. He’s 18 and he lives with us. 🙂

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Hello, my name is Mar, I am from A Coruña, Spain. I loved reading your blog, I hope I have done well. Kisses.


Arely, thank you so much for your comment and for introducing your family in style.💕You are 98% perfect with your written English. Sorry if it seems pedantic and I am not a pedantic person, but I would write sister-in-law with hyphens. Then we have the French word, used in English as fiancé. Some guides accept it without the acute accent, others insist on it. Anyway, none of that took away from it, you were cool as a cucumber🥒. Hugs to Mexico from the UK!


Muchas gracias por tus clases de Inglés. Nos viene genial para darle un repasito a esta lengua que si no la utilizamos se nos queda algo oxidada.

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