Beginners Food

Food for Beginners (A2) 🍽

Hi! Anna here. Good news! It’s 4 o’clock, it’s tea time! ☕️

The tradition of tea time is old, but not dead. In my house, it’s very alive!

So, we have breakfast, lunch, tea at 4 o’clock, and dinner at about 6 o’clock.

Do you like English tea?

What’s the traditional tea in your country?

A traditional dish in the UK is roast dinner.

What’s a traditional dish in your country?

My favourite food in general is vegetable curry. But what’s the recipe?

The ingredients are onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, kale, and chickpeas.

You need one onion, a little garlic, one piece of ginger, some tomatoes, some kale, and a tin of chickpeas.

Do you like sandwiches? Are you eating a sandwich right now? I thought not.

If you do like sandwiches, what do you like in your sandwich?

Thanks for reading and listening. I look forward to your comments!

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