Beginners Free Time

Free Time for Beginners (A2) 🚴🏻‍♀️

Hi! This is Anna.

In my free time, I have hobbies. Do you have hobbies?

Personally, I like cooking, playing music, going for walks, cycling, sewing, and knitting. What do you like doing?

I enjoy cooking very much. My favourite food is vegetable curry. Do you enjoy cooking?

What’s your favourite food?

I listen to the radio. Do you listen to the radio?

Sometimes, I like shopping, and walking through the city centre.

Do you like shopping?

I like programmes from the BBC. They are interesting and different. Do you like programmes from the BBC?

I like sports. I like tennis and cycling. Do you like sports?

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your comments! 😊

Querido lector, para practicar tu inglés, sería genial si me dejas un comentario describiendo tu tiempo libre en inglés. Yo te ayudaré contestando con otro comentario en esta misma página, y con mucha gentileza.